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Sugar Cookie Monsters

Last Halloween I came across the cutest candy eyeball baking decorations that I have ever seen. I quickly made all sorts of sweets covered in eyeballs for Halloween. My kids got a kick out of the eyeballs, so whenever Halloween came around I tried to find more of these eyeballs but I could only find them in the bigger size (think nickel size) until the other day whenever I was shopping in World Market and came across a whole container of the smaller sized eye balls!

Sugar Cookie Monsters

Of course I swung by the grocery store and bought all of the supplies to make iced sugar cookies that would be turned into Sugar Cookies Monsters! This was the first time that I had ever iced any cookies so I bought prepackaged icing to use on top of my favorite sugar cookies. In all it was pretty easy to use, after I baked the cookies and let them cool I then applied the cookie icing and before the icing dried completely I topped them with orange sprinkles and the adorable candy eyeballs. Easy enough!
Sugar Cookie Halloween Monsters
One tip though, make sure that whenever you are icing the cookies that you are doing so on a flat surface. Somehow whenever I was making mine the plate that wasn’t completely flat on the counter (Ooops!).

Now I just need to find more things to top with these super cute eyeballs!

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