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Looking sharp Jayde’s before / after

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I have terrible hair, like BAD hair. So whenever I had Jayde I was so worried that she would be cursed with my terribly curly and frizzy hair, to my surprise she was born with a head of full dark brown straight hair. Her hair has since lightened to a light brown color and her straight hair has turned slightly wavy, but minimal frizzies. So whenever she asked me about a month ago to bleach the tips of her hair to make a ombre effect I was a little sad because I knew what bleach does to hair.

Boy did I call it too because now her hair is significantly more frizzy, so I do everything that I can to her hair to make sure that it is healthy and smooth looking.

Below is the before picture where her hair is just air dried with no product in her hair, it basically has a mind of its own. Then there is the after photo where her hair looks smooth and shiny. Completely different. To keep her hair looking smooth she washes her hair every other day so that it does not get too dry. We also apply leave in condition to her hair and then I blow dry her hair on low heat, again to make sure that her hair doesn’t get dried out. Once her hair is dry I apply some anti frizz serum, and normally at this point her hair is pretty straight but I do go over her hair with a hair straightener on medium heat to fix any unruly hairs.
Before and after
Its really incredible what taking care of her hair can do to her hair, of course with the help some great hair products too.

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