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#Love>Hate and how we can step up

This post is sponsored by GiveForward. However all opinions are my own, as always. Pinky Promise.

I love the internet, then again that really goes without saying. Unfortunately while the internet can be an escape or unwind from real life for some of us, for others its just another way to bully others. By now Im sure that you have seen the viral video of the 14 year old boy from Bay Village, Ohio who thought he was helping to bring awareness to the ALS by taking the Ice Bucket Challenge only to have the situation take a terrible turn for the worst. Little did he know that the bucket that should have contained ice water now contained a bucket of urine, spit and feces. A group of his teenage peers dumped that bucket onto his head from the roof above him.

As a parent of children that are within that very same age it breaks my heart that any child should every have to experience this type of abuse. I think it is even worse that this child thought he was doing something to help others only to have himself put into a really bad situation. That being said we should be teaching our children that loving one another is far more important being mean and hating each other. We need to teach our children if they see bullying happen they need to step forward and help out and speak up instead of sitting back and letting it happen.

For example, we see bad things happen on the news and on the internet all of the time and talk about just how terrible it is only to say “geez thats terrible” as we change the channel. Why not find a way to help out, no matter how small.Loveoverhate

Thats where comes in and really helps us have a way to step up and help. GiveForward allows people to create a fundraising page for everything from bullying to medical expenses. With the help of GiveForward’s data, research and creativity you can really get your fundraiser started off right. From there you are able to spread the word about your fundraiser via email Facebook and other social media outlets. You can also keep people up to date with social post updates on your page. People can donate using a credit card, as well as giving donations, gifts and even hugs (words of encouragement).

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If you can please take a moment to donate to that teenage boy who had a terrible prank pulled on him by his peers. You can donate directly through

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