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4 Great iPhone 6 Plus cases

By now Im sure that you know that phone cases are super important to me, not only for protecting my phone but because I love to accessorize. So whenever I got my iPhone 6 plus I was a little bummed that my only option for a case was the Apple case even though it is super nice it is a little plain compared to my normal cases.

Every since I heard about the iPhone 6 phones I have been watching the web eagerly for new cases. Heres a list of a few of my favorites.

Incipio Rival I love that these cases have a stripped design but the case is transparent enough that you can just enjoy the sleek look of the iPhone. These cases are also made of impact resistant materials so your phone is protected.

Casemate Brilliance Case The cases are genuine crystal accented with premium leather, which is reflected in that $80 price tag. While I LOVE the shine of these cases, I just don’t know if I could stomach that tag.

Griffin Survivor Slim Im actually not a fan of these type of protective cases just because they add so much bulk to the phones. However these cases by Griffin really protect the phones, my middle son had one and it really went through some stuff and the phone itself never got damaged. If you’re looking for a protective case this one is really good.

Speck CandyShell Inked Cases These Speck cases come in three designs (but I expect them to eventually come out with even more designs) and are just like the other CandyShell cases for previous iPhone versions. Personally The Speck CandyShell cases are my very favorite. I have owned quite a few of these cases and have dropped my phone while in these cases and my phone has withstood them all. Bonus points to these cases because they only add little size to your phone and the designs are super cute!


Right now Im using the light pink leather case by Apple and while its really plain looking it is also very slim and adds almost no weight to the phone. Im just waiting to see how it holds up against dirt. Ill let you know in a month or so how it holds up!

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