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That time I waited 6+ hours for a phone

I have been waiting FOREVER to upgrade my iPhone 5 to something bigger with a better camera since I use the iPhone exclusively for my photos. So when they announced the iPhone 6 Plus I knew I would be waiting in line for one at my local Apple store so that I would be able to get one the day they came out.

Friday morning me and Chandler (I let him skip school because this was something he was very excited about this release as well) got up at 1:30 am, showered and picked up breakfast and arrived at the mall by 3 am. By the time we got there the line was already pretty long because apparently people were lining up at 9pm the night before. Luckily though I was the 75th in the line which ended up being much longer before it was all said and done. Since I was so far back I was a little worried that I wouldn’t get the iPhone 6 plus in gold like I had wanted though.

For almost 2.5 hours we waited outside in the cold for them to let us inside to wait even more. We got to see all kinds of weird stuff, most interesting was the guy who was next to us that had a sleeping bag and literally slept through everything even an incredibly street sweeper. Actually he almost slept through them letting us inside the building (Ooops). And I cant forget the guy who fell asleep standing up! Though I think Chandler was most excited about the news people who came out to record all of the crazy people standing in line to spend money (ignore my scowl it was really cold and early.) Check out the news clip here.

When they finally came to let us inside of the mall I was beyond happy because my butt hurt from sitting on the concrete and I was super cold. Naturally in true Apple style the clapped us inside.

Once we were inside we had a few more hours until the store opened at 8 am to start fulfilling the orders, so I settled in again and browsed the internets while we waited. The Apple employees walked around with food and drinks (coffee) for everyone who waited which was super cool of them, though I would have preferred a gift card or something (LOL). What I was waiting for though was for them to give out the tickets (reservations) for my new iPhone so that I could see if I was able to get the one that I wanted. Luckily for me they had the exact color and size that I wanted, now just a few more hours to wait until she was mine!

A few hours and a few crazy App Store purchases later (I freaking bought Goat Simulator to keep Chandler entertained) they finally started cheering and let the first people into the store to get their phones. By 9:15 I was in the store getting my phone and I was out by 10 am, which would have been drastically faster but we had a little bit of hiccups along the way.

I plan on doing this each year because it was actually a fun experience, the only thing I would change would be that next time we are bringing chairs and blankets!

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