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Is there a place for phones in schools?

As soon as the Apple Watch was released Chandler immediately tweeted “Apple Watch + school = school won’t like it”. Which is probably completely true, and sad. Even though all of the other students are allowed to wear traditional watches, Im sure that over time it will be banned from school just like how iPhones (and other phones in general).
iphones in school
It eats me alive that kids cannot bring phones to school. Which is nuts because with my kids using calendar for their school events and due dates, using the reminds for school reminds, and iBooks for reading. In fact Chandler and Ethan rarely touch traditional books because they enjoy using iBooks more. Basically they are telling my kids DONT READ. The kids will tell me that once they are finished with school work they can read, just not on their phones via iBooks.

Now I get that kids will be playing on their phones while they should be doing school work, but made THOSE kids not be able to use their phones at school. Don’t take it out on the kids who just want to use their phone for reading, taking notes and etc.

What do you think, should kids be able to take their phones to school?

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