Sep 04

Start football season with some delicious appetizers

Big list of delicious appetizers
Looks like football season is here again, which basically means that a few nights over the next few months my husband will steal the TV to watch football. So to make those nights more tolerable Im thinking that I should whip up some delicious appetizers to keep me occupied.

Jalapeno garlic butter corn // Hummus Sriracha deviled eggs // Zucchini parmesan crisps // Pizza pinwheels

Avocado egg rolls // French onion soup sticks // Easy little smokies // Sausage cheddar bites // Easy stuffed mushrooms

Asian salad wonton cups // Meatball sub on a stick // Easy homemade pretzel bites // Buffalo Quinoa Bites

Pretzel crusted chicken bites // Pineapple coconut cream cheese wontons // Philly cheese steak potato skins Sweet bacon tater tots

Fried pickles // Spinach and cream cheese bites Cheddar cheese twists

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