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iPhone photos lately 9/2

It seems like forever since I have shared any photos, partly because we have been so busy with back to school and partly because the kids are impossible to get photos of.

Towards the end of last month the kids started back to school, the boys went into seventh grade and Jayde started middle school. Since the kids have to get on the bus by 6:30 am I wasn’t able to catch an outside of the house photo of them like I normally do.
2014first day of school
Then of course Jayde turned 11. She got all of The Walking Dead gear that she asked for, but the only thing that she really wanted was a “fancy Starbucks cup” filled with her favorite drink. Naturally I more than happy to take her and get her that!
So far the school year has had a ton of ups and downs. We have had two really large run ins with bullies this year. One of them had Jayde so upset that she came home crying, which I immediately fixed by taking her to Starbucks for treats and then to the toy store. Luckily her counselor was able to fix it quickly so that she was not bothered by the other kid again. However we are dealing with another bully with one of the boys, hopefully that will get resolved asap as well. Other than that the school year has had a lot of other downfalls, hopefully all of these improve very fast.
Jayde toy
My birthday was on Labor Day and I got to do exactly what I wanted, relax. Chandler was super sweet and baked me a really delicious cake and matched the ice cream and cakes to the plates and napkins. It makes me so happy that he loves me enough to do these kinds of things for me.
birthday cake

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