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No more ice cream man needed #IceCreamRun

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Growing up in Florida I spent a lot of time outdoors riding my bike, especially chasing after the ice cream man. Im pretty sure over my years I probably made the ice cream man rich. I remember riding after him screaming for him to stop because my mom took so long giving me cash that he drove off (I did miss him that time).

So much has changed for kids since then, for one I cant name a single time that my children have seen an ice cream man other than at large events (that doesn’t count though). Which means that I have to have cool treats on hand at all times, and with three kids we are forever running out.

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Luckily for my kids we live just a few blocks from a Walgreens and they carry all kinds of ice cream from Unilever. They have everything from Magnum, Breyers, Klondike, Frutare and even my personal favorite Popsicle! If you’re like us you live right within walking distance to a Walgreens go ahead and put on your walking shoes and get your hands on a cool delicious treat from the Walgreens freezer section to keep you cool on these hot summer days! It just doesn’t get anymore easier than this!

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