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Student dress code, a vent

Jayde We live in a county where the vast majority of schools ask that the students wear uniforms, yet somehow we have gotten lucky to have had two schools where uniforms were not required. The schools do have regular dress codes, and in all the dress code is very similar to the dress code I had whenever I was in school. No opened toed shoes, no hoodies on the students heads, no tank tops or exposed shoulders at all, no bad words on clothing, and shorts must be longer than the students middle finger when held next to the leg.

Most of those rules are ok but that last one is a massive bummer for Jayde, she’s tiny and any shorts that fit her waist do not even come close to her middle finger when held next to her leg. To give you an idea, she is in the sixth grade and is 11 years old and wears a size small in shirts and a size 8 in shorts/pants. I can buy her a size 12 and it gets sort of near the length that it needs to be, but then she has to wear a belt and walk around with the shorts being super baggy.

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I get where the school is coming from, they don’t want students butts hanging out but where does that leave the skinny girls who cant wear shorts at all because of their weight? I feel like this rule is completely outdated and that maybe it is time to change up the dress code rules to say something along the lines of “No shorts so short that the students butt is exposed to the world”.

Side note: Yes Jayde is tiny, but I have asked her doctor ever single year and she is still very within a healthy range on her weight!


Moms of skinny girls, what do you do?

6 thoughts on “Student dress code, a vent

  1. this is really frustrating, it wasn’t long ago that i was in high school and dealing with this too. It’s really unfair and weird that girls have so many restrictions to keep “distractions” down.

  2. As a teacher, I totally get where these rules are coming from and as a parent of a skinny girl, know how frustrating they can be. In my classroom, the violations in dress code I usually enforced were egregious. Way too short shorts or inappropriate clothing. However, my principal was a bit of a rule stickler who liked to pick out all minor deviations. I think it just goes to dealing with people…
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