Bedroom confessions

Confession: I HATE MY BEDROOM.

Whenever we first looked looked at this house I feel in love instantly, it had a certain charm about it. I loved its bright red door and its vintage feel, and its built ins, oh and the massive backyard that my kids could play for in days. So many good things about this house that I ignored the fact that technically it is only a two bedroom house, meaning the boys would share the attic bedroom (which is massive) and Jayde would have the bedroom on the main floor. Half of the basement is half finished so this would do as a bedroom for me and John, or so I thought.

It did not take long before I totally avoided my bedroom at all costs because of its terrible wood panel walls and its single neon light in the ceiling. I only went down there whenever it was time to sleep or whenever there was a tornado warning. Its a bummer of a room because we don’t own this house so fixing it up would be useless.

Now I just pin gorgeous bedrooms on Pinterest and dream about them being mine one day….

I love this one because of all of the white with the pops of pink and orange. I could totally have a room like this one day, in another house, without pets or kids. ///

Okay, I know Im being a little optimistic with all this pink, but hey a girl can dream that her husband will let her have a pink bedroom! I love everything about this room, except I would replace that rug with something solid white I think. /// Daily Dream Decor
Pink walls
I love this one so much! Especially the colors (and look no pink, I might have a chance with this one!) and the furry throw blanket! /// NZ Design Blog
Out of all of the dream bedrooms that I like I see this one being the one that my husband would agree on the most, which is fine by me because I love how clean and cozy this one feels! /// Sugar & Cloth

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