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Photos from Chicago

While digging in my camera roll I came across some more photos from Chicago that I hadn’t gotten a chance to share just yet. I had such a great time with John on this vacation that I just had to share.

I took this photo the very first night we were in Chicago. We had walked to the Navy Pier and just as we started heading home we saw this gorgeous sunset peeking through the skyline.

sunsetI think that the skyline was something that I loved the most about Chicago. I mean you can look practically anywhere and get an gorgeous view. This photo for example has construction in the left of the photo and has the head of a garbage man on the bottom right, and yet this photo is equally as breathtaking as the next.  I also really liked that there is just so much happening in most of my photos from Chicago, so many stories that could be told.
City panoNaturally we had to visit the “Bean”, and it was as incredible as everyone said, I mean where else can you see a massive silver bean? However by the time we walking from Shedd Aquarium to the park I was so exhausted that I hardly wanted to take any creative photos with the bean like some people did. In fact next vacation I am going to get in better shape so that I can walk a mile without wanting to pass out cold.

One thing that I loved was that you could look practically everywhere and see something unusual, everything from massive macaroni noodles to Michael Jackson impersonators performing in the middle of the zoo. I actually wish that we would have had more time to take in more of the city, three days was not nearly enough!

Of course we ate some really delicious food my favorites were : Giordanos Pizza, which was so delicious and filling that me and John could only eat a singe piece! Garrett Popcorn, because this was the best popcorn that I have ever had and I totally wish that we would have bought so much more.Make sure to try the Chicago mix! American Dogs, which we ate on our way out of Chicago after realizing that we didn’t eat a hot dog the whole time we were there.

One of our favorite parts was how the crosswalks worked (weird right?). Its so funny how 10 or so people will stop at a crosswalk and then cross whenever that little hand turns white, so methodically. I had never seen more than 3 or 4 people at a crosswalk at a time so it was so weird to see and be a part of.
foot traffic
Chicago was such a beautiful city, like I said we would have loved to stay here much longer.

There was two things that really bothered me:

1. The lack of interaction from other people. Everyone in Chicago is so busy that they don’t notice anyone else around them, which means in you are walking into a store and expect the person in front of you to hold the door for you be warned that it is very likely that they won’t and you WILL run into the door. Its so odd to be around so many people yet feel so alone.

2. The homeless people. I have seen homeless people, quite a few actually but this was much more than I was prepared for. Literally every single street had at least one homeless person asking for money. Actually at one point we started ignoring them like all the other people were, and one guy asked John for money and John said something along the lines of “sorry buddy I don’t have any cash” and the poor guy thanked John for just acknowledging his existence. The one homeless person that bothered me the most was this young guy who couldn’t have even been 20 who was curled up next to a trashcan with his head between his legs with a cup sitting in front of him who was surrounded by passers by pointing at him. It was heartbreaking, how can a city this big and awesome have so many people needing help?


In all, the trip was beyond amazing. Next time we go we’ll have to bring the kids!

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