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iPhone photos lately 8/11

The past week and a half has been absolutely insanely busy and stressful. The kids were supposed to be brought home from Florida to us by one side of the family over a week ago but it fell through so we had to figure out how to get all three kids home at the last minute. Luckily for us the other side of the family was willing to help us get the kids home by us meeting them halfway to Florida. Needless to say last week was just a whirlwind.

So much in fact that we got the kids last Saturday and did not realize until we sat down at KFC for a fast dinner on the drive home that it was our 12 year anniversary! Both of us seriously forgot our anniversary!!

We did end up seeing some pretty beautiful sights on the trip to get the kids, like the gorgeous mountains (I didn’t get any photos because I was driving). Plus we were able to swing into Corbin Kentucky to see the very first Kentucky Fried Chicken, which was neat but the best part was that they served fried livers.

On the way down we tracked down a Krystal’s and I enjoyed breakfast AND lunch there (yum!)
Once we finally made it home and had a day of recovery time we got some really good quality time with the kids. John and the boys dug through comic books while Jayde and I painted with watercolors.
Comic books
While the kids were gone John and I bought some new board games, one of them was Funny or Die. Can you guess which card John laid out?
Funny or die game
Also while the kids were gone I spoiled December and bought her a ton of new treats, blankets and even this really adorable stuffed fox toy that she absolutely adores and has carried everywhere with her for three days solid now!
december and baby

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