Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago

Whenever we were in Chicago one of the locations that we knew we had to see was the Lincoln Park Zoo. I was especially excited about checking it out because it is one of the last few Zoos in the United States that is 100% free, and free always equals good in my book! Since it was free I was not expecting the best zoo experience, little did I know that this zoo was literally going to be the best zoo I have ever been to!

We were so impressed that almost every single animal was in their exhibit and was very active, in fact we ended up getting some really great video of the animals playing. I think we had such a good trip because we went near feeding time, so all of the animals we either eating of had just ate. In fact we got some video of a huge lion that was eating his dinner! My favorite animal of them all were the meerkats and more than half of the photos that I took were of them. I bet I could have watched them for hours.Another thing that I really loved about the zoo was that they left the food preparation areas open to the public so you could see how their food is made. I thought that was really cool and I had never seen anything like it at any other zoo, let alone a free one.
Lincoln Park Zoo 5
If you are ever in the Chicago area you should really check out this zoo I promise it will be worth your time! This was by far our very favorite thing that we did in Chicago!

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