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Shedd Aquarium provided me with passes in return for this post. However, as always all opinions expressed are my own. Pinky Promise!

Shedd Aquarium Front

On our first day of our trip we visited the Shedd Aquarium, we spent about three hours walking around and admiring the animals. About half way through our trip we realized that we were going against the “flow” of people because when we got inside we went left instead of right like everyone else, so be sure take a right and walk with the flow of people, otherwise you will be running into people nonstop like we were.

The only other aquarium that I had ever been to had been back home in Florida, so I was expecting a similar experience. However the Shedd Aquarium was so entertaining that it really put that other aquarium to shame. I loved that the entire building is sectioned off by where you would see the animals, for example you would see river animals/fish in the river area, and you would see the ocean animals/fish in the ocean area. In addition to organizing the animals by location they also have signs (and some areas even have iPads) that tell you what animals you are seeing and some interesting facts about them. I especially loved to see which animals were endangered and just how endangered they were.
I wanted to write about what exhibit that we enjoyed the most, however I really enjoyed every exhibit so I will tell you which ones were my top three:

Seahorses. Seriously these were so cool looking, I could have watched these all day long.

Turtles. We found quite a few turtles that were super cute and the best part is that they aren’t like most turtles on exhibits, these actually get up and play around!

Jellyfish. These were so pretty. I had no idea that there were so many different kinds of Jellyfish! Be extra sure to check out this exhibit.

The line outside was pretty long when we arrived, but please do not let this scare you off because the line moved fairly quickly and is totally worth waiting in. The Shedd Aquarium is not over crowded (despite the line out front) and is large enough that you can see each exhibit without tripping on other people.

I would recommend the Shedd Aquarium to anyone visiting Chicago, take your kids or go alone (like we did) I promise you will love this place!

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