Phone Photos Lately

Since the kids have been in Florida for the last two weeks with family I have really done much, therefore I haven’t taken many photos. So Im going to share some of the cute pictures that the kids have sent me.

The kids have gotten to do all kinds of cool stuff, everything from Universal Studios to sightseeing in the mountains. Yes, Im aware I didn’t post any photos of Chandler, but he has been taking 99% of the photos.

Also… like how Ethan is channeling his inner Miley? There is no doubt in my mind that he was twerking either before or immediately after that photo was taken!

I have enjoyed the quiet time, I have gotten a lot of work done and even some super relaxing trips to Target with Starbucks in hand. And if you’re wondering, yes I still go down the toy isles even when the kids aren’t with me- who knows when I might come across an awesome Target Clearance find.

Target shopping aloneHeck I was even able to go grocery shopping with John and I was sure that since the kids weren’t around to encourage me to buy junk food that I would surely buy lots of healthy food….
junk food
That clearly was not the case. It turns out that I am the reason we have junk food.

What can I say… I love junk.

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