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Momma’s Mustard, Pickles & BBQ

While the kids are away for a month with their grandparents I want to try out some of Louisville’s food scene. In fact a had made a list of places that I wanted to try, one of them was Momma’s Mustard, Pickles & BBQ. This place looked delicious according to Yelp and Foursquare so one evening I decided to surprise John by going here after work one day.
Mommas mustards pickles and bbq Interior
John and I tried out the newest location on Hurstbourne road because its less than 5 minutes from our house. As soon we arrived we noticed the really modern decor with a touch of country, the mason jar light fixtures were especially cool. However, I think that John was more into the multiple big screen TVs. You seat yourself at this restaurant, so we chose one of the booth (well John did because he needed a clear view of the TVs). Personally I prefer places who seat you, but this way we got a second to scope out where we wanted to sit.

We were quickly greeted by a very friendly waitress who took our drink order, and naturally we ordered sweet tea (it was delicious, very southern style) and brought us some homemade pickles and mustard to try while we decided on our order. Since it was our first time I would have liked her to tell us what they were for because before I knew it John was dipping pickles into mustard because he had no idea how else to try it.

The menu was fairly simple with just a few items. John got half a rack of ribs and I wanted the burnt ends, but I was told they were only sold on the weekends (BUMMER) so I ordered a pork sandwich. I was pretty bummed by the lack of burnt ends, but the menu did note that they were “as available”. A few minutes later the waitress returned to let me know that the burnt ends WERE ready (we went on Thursday) so I could have some, that totally made my day!

Mommas mustard pickles and bbq

The burnt ends were incredible, full of flavor which was complimented by their hot barbecue sauce. As for the ribs that John got, they were fall off the bone good. However I cant express enough by how shocked we were by how big the ribs were, he literally ate one rib and some fries and was STUFFED. I cant name a single time that I have ever seen someone get full off of one rib, but he did because it was so large. In all the food was incredible, the server was very nice and the food was much more affordable than most BBQ places and by far tastes much better. The side items were pretty good as well, the seasoning on the fries was very good, however the macaroni and cheese was okay, nothing too special either way. Both us had to take to-go boxes and ended up having the leftovers for dinner the next night.

Momma’s Mustard, Pickles & BBQ sells jars of homemade pickles and mustard and while I did not care for the mustard, John said it was the best he ever had. We did end up buying a jar of pickles because I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the pickles, they remind me of the kind my great aunt used to make… but better.
Mommas mustards pickles and bbq pickles
Check out Momma’s Mustard, Pickles & BBQ’s website to hear the story about how the restaurant came to be and see which of the two locations is closest to you.

This new Momma’s Mustard, Pickles & BBQ can be found at:

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