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Dream Beard Oils provided me with a product in return for this post. However, as always all opinions expressed are my own. Pinky Promise!


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A few months ago John decided that he was done shaving for a bit and decided to grow his beard out. Little did he know that growing a beard out was more than just letting it grow, it needed to be groomed and taken care of just like any other hair. So whenever I took the boys to get a hair cut John came along and got his beard nicely trimmed (and boy did that make a difference), but it was still missing something….

A friend a John’s work had mentioned beard oils, Dream Beard Oils to be exact. I set out with Google at my fingertips to see what this oil was all about….

Dream Beard Oils

Whenever the packaged arrived I have to admit that I was quite excited to see the bearded logo on the side of the box! Dream Beard Oil sent John one of each scent to test, and after almost two weeks of using the oil I can tell you just what we thought.

Right off hand, I have to say I love their logo and the quirkiness of the wording on the bottles (see image)- I giggled along as I read each one out loud to John. So far our first impressions of the brand were good, for me little details like these really can make my impression of a brand improve greatly. Luckily John was heading out to work so while he was getting dressed he tried the Bearded Barber (their signature scent) and immediately I could see a difference in his beard, it was more vibrant and the colors in his beard “popped”. More importantly over the next week or so of him using the Dream Beard Oils on a daily basis I could see his beard becoming less corse and hard and becoming more soft and touchable!

We both liked all of the scents, however both of us like The Mechanic and The Lumber Jack the best. Since my allergies are super sensitive to scents I was a little worried about the scent being too strong whenever I gave him kisses, however each scent is very subtle but lasts all day. In fact one day while we were out shopping and it was super hot out I was walking behind him and a wind blew his scent my way and it gave me an instant smile- he smelled amazing!

Dream Beard Oils John

To apply the oil to your facial hair (yes this oil is not just for beards, its also for goatees, mustaches and more!) simply apply a few drops into a dry beard. The oils encourage growth, leaving the beard soft and clean, not to mention it also moisturizes dry skin and softens coarse beard hair.

But beards oils are not the only thing that Dream Beard Oils sell, they also have some really cool beard related gear. Personally I cant wait to get my hands on one of those mugs so I won’t have to watch as John dips his mustache into his coffee each morning!

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