8 iPhone cases you need to own

Its been about two weeks since I changed my iPhone case, which got me to thinking… what case will I be taking with me to Chicago. Now for most people this would be easy… not for me though because I have a ridiculous amount of cases. So naturally it goes without saying that I am always on the look out for new cases. I figured since I really shouldn’t be buying anymore right before our vacation that I would just share all of the cool cases that I found.

Speck CandyShell Inked Case
Galaxy Purple // Speck

Speck is ALWAYS my #1 pick whenever it comes to phones cases, so whenever they come out with new designs I always make sure to get at least one new one. This one is going to be my very next purchase.

Gemstones // Case-Mate

Pineapple // Society 6

Preppy // Agent18

Flamingo Stripes
Lawn decor // Red Bubble

Dazzle Em
Dazzle Em // Forever 21

Eat cake for breakfast
Eat cake for breakfast // Kate Spade

Gleeful greeting
Gleeful greeting // ModCloth

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