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Phone photos from this week 6/27

This week was pretty much a whirlwind. We had to get everything packed and ready for the kids month long trip to Florida with their grandparents. Needless to say there was very little time to take many photos this week.

I finally talked the boys into all getting hair cuts before all of our vacations, and I have to say that they totally look so much better now!
boys cleaned up As normal December is still soaking up all of the warm weather. She’s like a totally different dog whenever she’s in the warmth in the car!
Ethananddec This one is kind of random, but I really love all of the different colors in Ethan,s hair. Its so tempting to dye my hair fun colors again so that I can get some cool hair like this.
Ethans hairAfter we got haircuts we got some food from this restaurant that Yelp recommended called Lonnie’s Best of Chicago, it was amazing.  We will totally be going back to this place soon.
lonnies best taste of chicago
Last but not least yesterday I finally located one of the drip cups from Starbucks, it totally made my day!
paint drip starbucks cup

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