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Is it REALLY 40% off?

Like many tweens Jayde is obsessed with Justice, whenever we go to the mall it is always one of the places that she insists on stopping by. Its totally fine by me too because Justice really has some of the cutest outfits for her and typically they are a really great deal, especially after their never ending 40% off sale.
Justice clothing 40%
While those sales are great and all, I just cannot stand the constant push of their constant 40% off emails, postcards and catalogs. Yes, I know I could unsubscribe but like I said Jayde really adores this place so I bite my tongue.

My question is….. Why on earth can’t they just mark down all of the clothes to a reasonable price instead of pricing a single bathing suit at $39 then have it marked down once, then mark it down again off with an additional 40% off so that I will receive that very same bathing suit for $11. Wouldn’t it just be easier if they marked that bathing suit at $11 to begin with? I mean its not really like this sale is limited to certain people, its for EVERYONE.
Jayde wears justice
It makes zero sense, but I deal with it because Jayde looks ridiculously cute in those massively overpriced Justice clothes that will be massively discounted just enough that normal people can afford them.

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