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Isis Wallet: Earn time, money and free products!

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Isis Wallet. I received a promotional item to facilitate my review.
I use my iPhone for practically everything, including shopping. So whenever all of the grocery store rewards cards were able to be added to my Passbook app I was so excited because that was one more thing that I could use my iPhone for and one less thing that I have to dig through my purse for.
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Now only if I could use my phone to pay for my groceries and not have to worry about where in my purse my credit card is.

Well, thats where Isis Wallet comes in and saves the day. All you need to enjoy the Isis Waller is a *smartphone (on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon) with NFC (Near Field Communication_ technology and an enhanced SIM card that is designed to store and protect your payment information. From there you just download the free Isis Wallet app from the app store. Then to use your Isis Wallet over the contactless symbol on the credit card machine at checkout! No more digging frantically at check out for your debit card anymore!

* I would like to note that the iPhone does NOT have NFC technology embedded in the device, so in order to enjoy the Isis Wallet you need to get a sleeve or case that will make your iPhone NFC. You can locate these at your AT&T or Verizon Wireless retail store.
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You can link your Wells Fargo, American Express or Chase account to your Isis Wallet. Or if you prefer you can do like I did and link your American Express Serve account. With American Express Serve you get $1 back on all purchases of $1 or more whenever you tap to pay at checkout (this deal is available through 12/31/14).

The Isis Wallet also has some other really great deals like the Jamba Juice 1 million free smoothies campaign. To take part, simply pull up your coupon in the Isis Wallet App and use the ‘tap to pay’ and you will get your smoothie absolutely free. In fact Isis Wallet users can even come by EVERY SINGLE day to get a free smoothie with this app. I mean seriously, whats better than free?

In addition Coca-Cola vending machines have a great offer where you get the first THREE Coca-Cola drinks absolutely free. From there after you purchase ten more sodas you will get another for free.  So much great free stuff.

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Use you Isis Wallet a a bunch of locations near you, to find a full list please check out their website. This app allows you to use your phone to pay and in some cases even get money or product for absolutely FREE, you simply cannot beat that!

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