Phone photos from this week 6/20

Boys at fair
This past weekend the family and I went to a fair in our little sub city, and I have to admit it was actually quite fun. We got some really incredible food from the food trucks, Louisville people if you have not tried the Boss Hog food truck, I highly suggest that you try it. Especially the BBQ nachos!
fair games

The kids even got to play some carnival games, which was naturally their favorite part of the fair.

Somehow along the way the kids talked me into playing this game that had the possibility of winning a goldfish (after watching other people play I later learned that practically everyone wins), and they did win a gold fish. They were beyond thrilled because they had been begging me for a fish for the longest time now. Ethan and Jayde ended up naming the little guy Sherbet. Unfortunately the little guy was only with us for five days though, whenever I went to clean his bowl he ended up passing away. Bummer.
firework time
At the end of the last day of the city fair they shot off a ton of fireworks, so we sat in the back of our van and ate ice-cream while watching fireworks.
Playing fetchWe spent a ton of time outside at the beginning part of the week (before it got into the 90s), and this little lady played fetch for a crazy long time one day. I will never understand how she has so much energy.
playgroundLater in the week I took Jayde and my friends little boy to the spray ground, and I would say that they had a blast! And I really enjoyed being outdoors and just relaxing in the sun!!


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