Photos from my phone this week 6/5

gifts from the kids
John and I went to see a sneak peek of Maleficent along with dinner afterwards and we came home to this little surprise from our kids waiting by the front door for us, pretty sweet huh.

The weather has been so nice lately and I think that December and the kids absolutely adore the warm weather.

It was actually consistently nice enough that we decided to pack up an picnic and check out the Big Four bridge downtown, especially because the Indiana side finally opened up. It was a ton of fun because we walked across the bridge from Kentucky into Indiana. Once we were in Indiana we walked a little bit to get to this adorable little candy shop and got some really delicious chocolate.
I think me and John need to walk this again very soon without the kids so we can really take in the awesome view.
The only bad part was that I forgot sunscreen and ended up getting badly sunburnt.
The next day Ethan went to the pool with a friend and got sunburnt even worse that I did the previous day (OUCH). He says that he’s never going swimming ever again!

This gorgeous girl graduated elementary school. She doesn’t have her last day of school until Friday because of all of the snow makeup days that we had.

Bring on the summer!

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