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Happy Birthday Boys // DIY Minecraft Birthday Party!!

This past weekend we threw a Minecraft themed birthday party for my two sons, Chandler and Ethan. In fact this was the biggest birthday party that I have ever planned, it was weeks in the making. So naturally I just had to share it because I absolutely love the results! I actually even made this really cool back drop on the wall behind the table, but I skimped and purchased tape from the Dollar Tree and the gorgeous backdrop fell overnight and got ruined, so I put up the creeper banner as a last minute back up.
DIY Minecraft birthday party
For the front door I created this cute Creeper by using construction paper and crayons. He took practically no time and was super cheap (a win in my book!)
Minecrafty party creeper decorationThen there is my very favorite decoration, this Minecraft Ghast. I made him using a old packaging box wrapped in white wrapping paper, with the eyes made of construction paper and the lighter gray spots colored on using crayons because apparently gray paper isn’t included in the packs of construction paper.
Minecraft ghast party decorationThis life-size Enderman was created using black poster board, construction paper for the eyes and crepe paper for his arms. I used double sided tape to keep him up on the wall, in hind site I wish that I would have made him so that I could pull him off of the wall without destroying him.
Lifesize Minecraft Enderman

Heres a closer look at the dessert table:
The left side of the table.

I used Cheetos for the carrots, pretzels for the trapdoors, chocolate chip cookies for the cookies (store bought because I didn’t have time to make homemade), twirlers for the TNT (these were the kids favorites and were gone really fast), candy coated pretzels for sticks, gold Hershey’s bars for gold, chocolate rice crispy treats with icing for dirt grass, and long stick watermelon lolly pop just for fun.
Minecraft party food up closeThen the right side of the table.

Birthday cake for cake, Sour patch watermelon candy for watermelon, blue rock candy for diamonds, sour apple chewy candy for emeralds, black Sixlets for obsidian, water, Sprite, and A&W for creeper juice, sour apple and watermelon just for fun, and chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate chips cupcakes just because Ethan thought the cake wasn’t big enough.
Minecraft birthday party food(Sorry for the terrible picture) The cake is made of white cake mix dyed various colors of green, topped with chocolate and vanilla icing, with little squares of fruit by the foot. Turns out the kids were so full of candy and pizza that they hardly ate any cake or cupcakes.

Inside a real minecraft cakeHeres a close up of the chocolate rice crispy dirt blocks, they were SO good and I totally glad the kids were too full to eat many.

Also the stands for the cake and the cupcakes and rice crispy were made of old boxes wrapped in brown paper that I painted using acrylic paint to make them look like wood blocks.

Make your own minecraft dirt grassLast but not least were the goodie bags, which turned out to be really hard to fill because the guests were all 11-13 so I had to find “cool” stuff to put inside, luckily for me Jayde helped me pick out some goodies.

We picked out a ton of green, black, and white candy, a cute tic tac toe board, sticky mustache, whoopie cushion, and two Minecraft bracelets.
Minecraft Birthday goodie bags

It was a blast and all of the kids had a great time, but I was EXHAUSTED the next day, but it was all totally worth it!



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  1. Kristi

    OMG – this is amazing. You really went all out. I am impressed that you know the names of the Minecraft characters, let alone all the work you do to throw this awesome party! My boys just started getting into Minecraft and now they are fighting over the ipad to play!

    Great job on the party!

    1. Stephanie Rutledge

      Thank you so much! There is also a Minecraft computer version, maybe that would get them off of your iPad a little šŸ™‚

  2. Kasey@AllThingsMamma

    VERY cute!! You did a great job with this whole party!
    Kasey@AllThingsMamma recently posted..Everything You Need To Know About Swimming PondsMy Profile

    1. Stephanie Rutledge

      Thank you!!

  3. Sarah @ Must Have Mom

    Looks like tons of fun and I love all your food ideas!

    1. Stephanie Rutledge

      Thanks! It took a lot of help from my youngest to find all of these fun foods!

  4. Michelle

    I LOVE Minecraft! And this is SOOO creative and cute! I love it!
    Michelle recently posted..National School Breakfast Week March 3 ā€“ 8My Profile

  5. Mamapotamus

    Great job on this party! I think I will probably be stealing those rice krispie / grass treats soon!
    Mamapotamus recently posted..How I Survived After Moving OutMy Profile

  6. Kristina & Millie

    too neat!! love the creeper at the door lol. I might have left out the enderman though – they are a terrifying! loves the cake and all the treats! Best mom award I am sure is given to you!
    Kristina & Millie recently posted..Liebster Award!My Profile

  7. Daine Roark

    What a great post! I love the dirt grass. My boys (teens) would still love it.

    Diane Roark

  8. Michelle @ The MaMade Diaries

    Everything looks great, looks like an AWESOME party!! šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing at the MaMade Blog Hop! I hope you’re having a great weekend! šŸ™‚
    Michelle @ The MaMade Diaries recently posted..Social Media Sunday #29My Profile

  9. Molly

    Love it! We did a Minecraft birthday party too, and would you believe that I didn’t get any pics to put on my blog. Boo šŸ™ I got them of the boys partying, but it absolutely slipped my mind to photo the decor. Yours looks fantastic, that cake is amazing!! Great job!
    Molly recently posted..How to Clean Dried Out Craft PaintbrushesMy Profile

    1. Stephanie Rutledge

      Aww bummer! I probably would have forgotten too but my kids kept reminding me lol!

  10. Katie

    This is amazing! Great Job!

  11. Lisa Hill

    LOVE THIS!!!!!! I’m planning a minecraft birthday for my son also. Where did you find the placards for the food items??

    1. Stephanie Rutledge

      I got the place cards for the foods from this wonderful Etsy seller (https://www.etsy.com/shop/MinecraftPartySolved?ref=l2-shopheader-name). She has a ton of really great Minecraft themed party supplies!

  12. Kerstin

    This is so wonderful! I want to have kids and or birthday right now! The Dirt-Grass-Blocks are the best idea.
    Greetings from Germany,

  13. RaeLee

    Where did you get the green trays for some of the food items?

    1. Stephanie Rutledge

      I found them at Target in the dollar spot. However, Party city and target both have square green plastic plates.

  14. Sue

    Great ideas… I am hosting a Minecraft party for my 8 year old in a month and this has given me lots of ideas! Could I ask where did you get the table cards?? with the mincraft grass at the bottom and the names of the items ?
    Did you create these on the computer?

    1. Stephanie Rutledge

      I actually purchased these from a wonderful Etsy seller: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MinecraftPartySolved?ref=l2-shopheader-name She also has quite a few other Minecraft things as well!

  15. candace

    Great ideas! My favorite yet. Will be using them for my 6 year old’s party! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  16. Michellette "Mimi" Green

    This looks great, I’m in the process of planning my son’s 10th Birthday party. I too am doing a Minecraft theme so I was browsing for ideas.
    Michellette “Mimi” Green recently posted..Easy DIY: Superhero CapeMy Profile

  17. Joyce

    I’ve so been looking for Minecraft Birthday ideas, and this is fabulous!! FYI, my son has a friend who is allergic to a lot of things and wants to invite him. I plan on using carrots sticks and apples.


    Wow this is perfect just what I was looking for for my son’s bday in April. thanks for sharing

  19. Maggi Thorne

    This was so helpful, thank you for a great blog!

  20. dawn

    im so using this for my son’s party!

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