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Planning The Perfect Minecraft Party

For the first time since we moved to Louisville (four and a half years) we are throwing a party for the kids. Since the boys birthdays are so close together (Chandlers is January 31st and Ethan’s is February 26th) and since they share the same ring of friends we have decided to throw a Minecraft themed sleepover party for the boys and five of their friends.

I have been planning this for almost a month now, and I just wanted to show off some of the cute supplies that I have already purchased.

Minecraft Party favor labels. I plan on using these on the bags that we will be giving the boys whenever they leave the next morning. These bags will be filled with candy, mine craft bracelets and more!
Minecraft Party favor labelsMinecraft creeper soda bottle wraps that will be wrapped about bottles of Mountain Dew.
Minecraft creeper soda bottle wrapsMinecraft party decor TNT wraps that will wrapped around Twizzlers (just like in the photos).

Minecraft party decor TNT wrapsMinecraft customized sign tent cards that will be placed near a matching food (I am super excited about these!!). Minecraft customized sign tent cardsIn addition to these I have a bunch of other goodies that I didn’t purchase on Etsy, like the super cute green serving plates that will work perfectly for this theme. I also grabbed a bunch of glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces that will be fun for whenever it gets dark. I also plan on painting up some boxes (Im so glad that I saved all those shipping boxes now) to be Minecraft theme.

For now thats it, I still have a ton of planning to do. Heck maybe I will get lucky and the kids will change their minds and want to play games as well!

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