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Our Christmas Activity Advent Calendar

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun, we watched the parade and a movie and enjoyed a wonderful meal together. I did notice that there was a lot less family interaction that I would like. In fact at one point I noticed that everyone was using a device to play online, and quickly realized that this was just a glimpse of what the next few years full of holidays with teenagers is going to look like.

So I started working immediately on a Christmas Activity Advent calendar in an effort to bring my family closer together in the holidays. I sat and made little envelopes with to hold a sheet of paper that will contain an activity for every single day until Christmas for us to open daily. Coming up with 24 things to do with tweens proved to be a little harder than I had expected, especially since I had to schedule around my husbands work schedule but I am pretty pleased with what I came up with and I can’t wait to do all of these activities with my family.

Advent number 8

Here are our activities for our advent calendar:

Day 1. Family game night

Day 2. Basketball at the park

Day 3. Movie night with snacks

Day 4. Make paper snow flakes

Day 5. Bake brownies

Day 6. Make your own pizza night

Day 7. Gattiland (a local game center)

Day 8. Make handmade Christmas cards for family

Day 9. Mini gingerbread houses

Day 10. Donate old toys / clothes. Get ready for new stuff!

Day 11. Shop for John’s birthday presents

Day 12. Make Christmas paper chains for decorations

Day 13. Pizza and Movie Night (National Lampoons Christmas Vacation)

Day 14. Bake holiday cookies

Day 15. Mortal Combat Tournament

Day 16. Dessert at Krispy Kreme

Day 17. Shop for December’s christmas gift.

Day 18. Wrap presents

Day 19. Homemade milkshakes

Day 20. Pizza Night out (John’s birthday)

Day 21. Make ornaments / Listen to Christmas music

Day 22. Movie Night (Home Alone)

Day 23. Drive around and look at christmas lights while enjoying hot cocoa

Day 24.  Open on early presents and bake cookies for Santa

It was easy enough to make I had some brown wrapping paper that I turned into homemade envelopes, which were stuffed with little pieces of papers that had that days activities written on them. Then I used double sided tape to hang them on the wall.

advent upcloseadvent upclose two

In all I think it turned out quite cute, and it cost me nothing because everything that I used were things that I had just lying around the house. I think the kids even enjoyed it because they keep walking by it and pointing at new details. Actually Ethan even tried talking me into telling him what one of the activities was!

DIY Christmas Activity Advent


Will you be enjoying advent calendars with your family? What kind?

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