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Getting More Page Views With Pinterest

I love Pinterest.

No wait, let me rewrite that…

I LOVE Pinterest.

Not only for all of the fabulous recipes and ideas that I have discovered thanks to Pinterest, but because of the insane amount of traffic that this site gets because of Pinterest. By insane, I mean that well over 50% of my referring traffic comes from Pinterest. Insane right?

Three months ago I noticed that Pinterest was referring a ton of people to my site so I started to really focus on a few things to help my Pinterest following and referrals to continue to grow. I went from 1,300 Pinterest followers 3 months ago to 5,000 followers. More importantly thats not even considering all of the views that I get, my page views have tripled (or more) from 3 months ago!

Getting More Page views with Pinterest

There are a few things that I do to keep those numbers growing:

1. Make those images pin-worthy. Make your images appealing. While I am no professional photographer (heck I use my iPhone for photos), I at least go into PicMonkey to edit my photos to make them look more appealing. People are much more likely to pin a bright delicious looking cake over a darkly lit photo of what might be cake. Consider using PicMonkey to add text to images so that people can see a quick description of your post. Name those images, I can’t say this enough. Instead of uploading an image to you blog with the name “IMAGE11” change that name to “delicious cake by Three Loud” so that whenever you image is pinned from your site it will automatically be added as the text on the Pin.

2. Set up Pinterest Analytics. Once you have your Pinterest analytics set up you can go in and see which pins are getting more views so that you can write more of those type of posts.

3. Update old posts. Go through old posts to make them more Pinterest friendly. Update images, and pin those posts.

4. Make it easy to pin. Don’t make it difficult for people to pin your items. Add a pin it button so that people can easily pin your items. I know if I read a post that I enjoy and if the post has a way for me to quickly pin that item I will pin it!

5. Let them follow you! Just like you would have a Facebook or Twitter button on your page add a Pinterest button. This season like common sense but then again I have seen bloggers even forget contact buttons, so just use this as a reminder.

6. Be active. Use Pinterest daily if possible. Pin your stuff daily, it will reach more viewers. Don’t forget to pin other stuff though too so that your followers will have tons of content. Oh, and follow new people you never know what other great stuff you will find!

7. Share your pins. Whenever you pin you might have noticed the Facebook and Twitter button, don’t be shy occasionally share your pins on other social networks!

By doing these things my blog has grown, and will continue to grow thanks to Pinterest.

What do you do to keep your Pinterest growing and thriving?

Getting more page views with Pinterest

Be sure to follow me on Pinterest so that you never miss any awesome pins. (share your Pinterest everywhere right? lol)



4 thoughts on “Getting More Page Views With Pinterest

  1. I am relatively new to pinterest, but I am really trying to use it to get my blog out there. I’m trying to have every post be pinnable. It is really exciting to see spikes in traffic coming from Pinterest every now and then. Reading this is motivating because I know it can be even better! Thanks! I’m going to go follow you on Pinterest 🙂
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