The First Year Without Santa

Just before Easter this year the kids kept asking if The Easter Bunny was real. After being asked 5+ times we determined that with the kids being 12, 11, and 9 (at the time) that it was probably the time to tell them the truth. Luckily Ethan and Chandler had suspicions for a while, but poor Jayde had no idea. I did feel terrible telling the truth, and essentially taking all of the magic from the holidays but I knew that it needed to be done, otherwise the boys would no doubt be the ones to tell her and I preferred for it to be me.2012 xmas

Here we are just about a month till Christmas, and while the kids know that I am Santa we still plan on doing stockings because its a tradition that we all enjoy. I just feel weird about not having Santa this year. I enjoyed watching the NORAD Santa tracking with the kids on Christmas eve, and counting all of the cities before Santa got in the United States and he would fly near Kentucky and I would hurry the kids all to be into bed so that they would be asleep whenever Santa arrived. Not this year I guess. I also enjoyed baking cookies with the kids to lay out for Santa, no need for that this year. I also really enjoyed Fabio our Elf on the Shelf.

Fabio The Elf


While it is much easier not having to keep making up stories as to why Santa was real to keep the kids believing in him, I kind of feel like I stripped the magic out of Christmas completely. Especially since we are not religious so there is no real religious tie for us.

How old were you whenever you found out about Santa / told your kids about Santa? Will Christmas ever feel the same?

3 thoughts on “The First Year Without Santa

  1. I figured out the santa thing before I was even in kindergarten. No biggie for me. I knew “santa” was my mom.
    Ya know what? She would *still* put out gifts as being from “santa”.
    Not everything… just a few. Even up until the year she died (I was 40).
    Gifts to her from her husband (and to her husband from her) were often from “santa”.

    In other words, you can still have gifts from “santa” even if the kids know there isn’t one. It can just be a silly fun tradition.
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  2. You know what. I am 32yo and my dad still gives me gifts from Santa. My 16yo sister still bakes cookies for Santa too. We both know Santa=Dad but it’s still fun and silly; BECAUSE it’s a tradition we started with our family. Oh and we also check Santa’s progress on NORAD too.
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