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Every so often I come across a really neat website that I think needs to be shared with my readers, and is one of those.

I know personally as a mother there have been times that I wish that someone would have given me some sort of manual to raising my kids. I can’t even name how many times I have had a question about my children that I spent hours googling or reading parenting books trying to get an answer for.Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 2.39.56 PM

Well not any more, Mommy Polls to the rescue! This site allows you to submit polls via their site and quickly get answers from other Moms! you can also follow other polls that you are interested in and even comment on polls. The polls that you follow will show up on your personal page making it easier to reference later when you need them. Mommy Polls is much more than just polls though, you can even submit articles that you think would be useful for other mothers buy simply unloading the article to the article section!!

But wait… there is even more! While you are browsing the Mommy Polls site and helping other mothers you are also earning points (which can be found up near the top of your screen near your user name) that can be redeem for gift certificates!! Incredible right?

Stop digging for answers right now and just sign up at which only takes a matter of seconds (even faster if you login using Facebook) and get to submitting new polls.


This post is sponsored by AdvertisePals and Mommy Polls. However, as always all opinions expressed are my own. Pinky Promise!

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