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Terrible Twos VS Terrible Tweens

I was always warned about those toddler years especially those Terrible Twos, and people were right they were pretty terrible. In fact they were really terrible for my rambunctious middle son. No one ever mentioned the Terrible Tweens though, and these are by far the worst. For example….

Remember the “NO” stage? The one where your adorable toddler told you “NO” to everything and you thought it was the worst thing ever? Well, it gets worse because now their vocabulary is much larger and now they can say meaner things (especially true if you have a girl). Imagine asking your daughter to get dressed only to get a “maybe” or “later” as a response… UGH!

Remember whenever they were toddlers I could put them in time out, now whenever I try that they either sit and pout but never learn. Or if you are like me you ground your tween and instead of learning a lesson by losing a device they find something else to entertain themselves with.

Remember whenever they were toddlers they when eating they would get food everywhere? Well as tweens that is replaced with leaving wrapper and dishes everywhere. Imagine you are reaching into your silverware drawer only to see that all of your spoons have went missing only to find them all in your sons room.

Boys Room

Remember whenever your toddler was little they always stole your cell phone to play with? Now as tweens they steal my cell phone charger to charge their own phones.

Remember when your toddler used to ruin their new outfits by playing in the mud, or falling and scrapping their knees? With tweens you have to deal with fashion conscious little people. My middle son will only wear shirts that match his shoes perfectly, my oldest refuses to pick out new clothes, and my daughter is so nervous about her changing body that she will wear 2 or even 3 shirts at a time to make sure she is covered up to her neck. Forget all of those cute Justice shirts that I bought over the summer because the shirt doesn’t fit like a turtleneck, thank god for eBay.

E and J

Remember whenever they were terrible twos and the only way you could get them to behave would be to give them a bubble bath? With a tween you have to fight tooth and nail to get your kids to bathe.

Remember how hard it was to get photos of your adorable toddler? Its even worse with tweens because they can flat out say NO, luckily though a bribe normally works to fix that.

Don’t get me wrong, I love these kids but WOW I was not expecting this! Someone tell me that the teen years aren’t even rougher!


12 thoughts on “Terrible Twos VS Terrible Tweens

  1. Honest to goodness, my son never went through terrible twos. Maybe because he is an only child… I don’t know, but he was always a good and easy going child. However, my son is almost 11, and just over the past few months I’ve seen a bit of an attitude from him. So… my luck, he’ll make up for no terrible twos, and give me a double whammy of terrible tweens. Sigh.
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  2. Nick is two right now, and there are tough points, but overall he’s not too bad. I’m dreading when he’s older though. I think I’ll keep the terrible twos thanks. My brother is a lot like your son. If he had to change his shirt for some reason then he always has to change his pants because they don’t match. Even I’ve never been the conscious of what I’m wearing!
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