Fragment Friday

Fragment Friday 9/27

– I don’t have too much from this week because my doctor switched some of my medicines and I have been horribly dizzy and sick to my stomach, but Im sure next week will be better!

– Onto the good, Ethan made the advanced program (as we expected). Good thing we preordered that iPhone 5c that he wanted so that we could reward him with it!

– John left for a week long trip for work, leaving me basically a single mom for the week. Luckily the kids have been oddly good. Now I only have two more days till John comes home (not that Im counting or anything).

– I started working on the holiday gift guide for this site, and WOW for my first one on this site it is going to be incredible!

– I ended up going on a massive iTunes music buying spree and somehow ended up buy this song. Oh god, what have I done?! Now the kids ask to listen to this nonstop!

Also, sorry I didn’t put a warning before that video!

– I think that is it this for this week… be sure to check out my giveaways, so much great stuff!

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