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DIY Littlest Pet Shop House

For Jaydes (early) birthday she got a ton of Littlest Pet Shop toys. Inside of each package is a little scene that is meant to match the toys inside, but not really meant to be kept. I always feel a little bad throwing them away though because they are always super duper cute. Well, I finally decided to save the inserts of the toys that she got for her birthday and made them into a cool project for Jayde and I.

We took one of the shipping boxes that I received in the mail and turned it into a Littlest Pet Shop house!DIY-Littlest-Pet-Shop-House

It was fairly easy too. We just chopped off the top of the box and cut down one of the larger sides to make more floor space.


Jayde chose red and hot pink paint for the walls of the house, and black and white checkered felt for the flooring. Naturally she also wanted a red removable rug too! After we painted the walls and hot glued the floors in, I hot glued the Litltest Pet Shop scenes to the walls.


We even found little squares of wood that we turned into picture frames for the walls. Then we went to the floral department of the craft store and found this super cute birds nest that I zip tied to the wall, which ended up being perfect for her birds.

Seriously, how stinking cute is that nest?!


Next we attached the cafe scene to the outside of the box, and I cut a hole in the box so that the Littlest Pet shops could even walk inside from that cafe and eat. But what would a cafe be without a cute little menu and welcome sign?
I let Jayde choose the prices of each item, my favorite being popcorn and soda for $10. Totally reasonable hehe!


In all I think we spent two hours or so, but most of that was because we had to let the paint and glue dry. It was a blast to make with Jayde and now it is her favorite toy!

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  1. Fabulous! This is something my daughter would have loved when she was still playing with Littlest Pet Shop toys. I’ll have to keep it in mind a few years until grandkids come along and usurp all her old toys. Thanks for sharing. Have fun with it.

    Stopping by from SITS.
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