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The Moment I Became THAT Mom

I love that my kids are 12, 11 and almost 10, and I have been able to hold my kids’ hands in public, even hug them and yell “I LOVE YOU” as they got out of the car at school. That is until yesterday, whenever I opened up Instagram on my phone and asked Ethan to look at me while we were at his middle school orientation. At that very moment he looked at me and then to the people around us horrified that someone might see me doing something so “dorky”.

That is when this photo was taken. This is the moment that I become the Mom who embarrasses her son in public.
Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 5.08.19 PM

I keep thinking back to all those times that I said I would ALWAYS be that cool Mom that all the other kids would wish was their own Mom.  I wouldn’t do embarrassing stuff while in public with them, I would give them some freedom, I would just be AWESOME.

I guess I can add being THAT embarrassing Mom to this to the list of things I said I would never become…

9 thoughts on “The Moment I Became THAT Mom

  1. Oh, my list of failed I will never… as a parent is scary! My oldest son just turned 12 in May so I can relate to this post right down to that look on your son’s face.

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