Jul 15

A New Flavor For Pizza Night With Red Baron Pizza


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Every Friday is pizza night at my house, it is a day that we all look forward to all week. Some Friday’s we go all traditional and order a pizza and some weeks we get frozen pizzas (my favorite), but some weeks we need something different and make things like pizzadillas (pizza toppings stuffed inside of a quesadilla) or pizza casserole, but these are rare because I really enjoy the ease of pizza night. I enjoy serving a meal that my family loves and yet requires very little from me in terms of preparing and clean up.

While my kids and husband can eat pizza every single night and be totally happy I tend to get bored easily. Basically meaning I am forever trying to find ways to get new pizzas on my dinner table every pizza night. You can imagine how thrilled I was to hear about Red Barons three new pizzas.


 The new pizzas from Red Baron are: Classic Crust Hawaiian, Fire Baked Spicy Pepperoni and Deep Dish Singles Hawaiian. Me and John tried out the Deep Dish Singles Hawaiian pizza and loved it. I loved the single size because it forced me to eat no more than a serving size, though I think if no one was looking I would have been happy to eat two or three. I also think that these are PERFECT for my kids (who were unfortunately not with us the evening that we tried these), they are small enough that one child could eat one and have their “own” pizza but big enough to be enough for a whole meal.


As far as flavor goes they are exactly what you would expect from Red Baron, deliciousness. I love the tangy mix of ham and pineapple, it adds a new mix to our pizza night. I have always been a huge fan of Red Barons pizzas because whenever it comes to frozen pizzas they are the only ones that I have found that truly taste better than delivery.

The Deep Dish Singles Hawaiian get two thumbs up from me. In the mean time Im going on a hunt for the Fire Baked Spicy Pepperoni because I love a little (or lot of) spice to my pepperoni pizza! Be sure to check out their site to find out where you can get your hands on some of these new delicious flavors of pizza.

While you are here enter to win two coupons to get your own Red Baron pizza for your next family pizza night!

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  1. Donna Cheatle

    I think we’d like the spicy pepperoni best. Although I do have to say that ham and pineapple is also one of my personal favorites!

  2. Sandy VanHoey

    Ham & Pineapple or pepperoni are both favorites of mine

  3. Belinda

    Rising crust sausage and pepperoni

  4. Mary Beth Elderton

    We like pepperoni but the Classic Crust Hawaiian sounds yummy

  5. Keisha Talley`


  6. Kim Kihega

    I have tried the Hawaiian and really like it!

  7. steve weber

    the Hawaiian.

  8. Alex B

    Rising Crust Cheese Pizza

  9. Debra Guillen

    Classic Crust pepperoni is my fav

  10. Zan C

    We really like the Red Baron self rising crust cheese pizza

  11. ANN*H

    I like the ham & pineapple or the extra cheese ones

  12. Heather Freeman

    We love the three meat French bread Pizzas.

  13. Kerry Amburgy-Dickson

    The 3-meat and the canadian bacon ones are my favorites.

  14. Kate F.

    The pepperoni pizza is my favorite.

  15. Brandon Young

    Supreme please thats my favorite

  16. Amy Honious

    i have never tried red baron pizza before, but i think i would love to try the thin & crispy 5 cheese variety. sounds great! thanks for such a nice and yummy giveaway-i have 2 kids in college and they would love to fight over these coupons!

  17. Emily Wells

    I love the individual deep dish pepperoni pizzas.

  18. Peggy D

    I would like to try the spicy pepperoni


  19. Megan Cromes

    i love the rising crust pizza with cheese and pepperoni.

  20. Cathy French

    The Deep Dish Singles Hawaiian

  21. Ashley Morrow

    I like Rising crust pepperoni.

  22. Amanda Rauch

    I have not tried many, but i really like the Supreme! I enjoy lots of toppings on my pizzas

  23. Victoria Carlson

    Cheese! Plain but sooooo delicious!

  24. Kitty

    I like the Thin & Crispy 5 Cheese Pizza!

  25. Christy

    I like regular crust with pepperoni

  26. Amy
    Twitter: Amyj_83

    I LOVE the Hawaiian deep dish singles
    Amy recently posted..Vino2Go XL and Brew2Go ReviewMy Profile

  27. Happi Shopr

    I like the Classic Supreme
    Happi Shopr recently posted..Chisum Crew and the 2012 Undy 5000My Profile

  28. Jessica To

    I like the Fire Baked Pepperoni.

  29. Helga

    I like the Classic Crust Hawaiian.

  30. Katie Bellamy

    I wanna try the Classic Crust Hawaiian!

  31. carla g

    we like plain cheese

  32. Kiara

    I like the 3 meat pizza.

  33. Melissa Hartley


  34. Danielle Porter


  35. Michelle White

    The spicy pepperoni sounds great.

  36. Kamla L.

    I love their Deep Dish Singles and their French Bread Pizzas.

  37. Ann Fantom

    We like RED BARON’s Classic Crust Supreme Pizza

  38. Stephanie Bourne

    We like pepperoni.
    Stephanie Bourne recently posted..Home Depot Garden Club – Free Newsletter – Over $300 Annual SavingsMy Profile

  39. Christina Sparks

    Rising Crust pepperoni pizza.

  40. Mary Casper

    cheese and pepperoni deep dish

  41. Valerie Taylor Mabrey

    pepperoni pizza
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  42. Katie K

    we like plain cheese pizzas

  43. Stephanie Larison

    Pepperoni all the way!

  44. jessica edwards

    fire baked pepperoni

  45. McKim

    I like the supreme.

  46. Malana

    I love pepperoni 🙂

  47. Dawn Monroe

    I like the supreme and the plain pepparoni.

  48. Megan H

    peperoni, classic!

  49. Kyl Neusch

    three meat French bread Pizzas.

  50. Robin Wilson

    I would love to try their Fire Baked Spicy Pepperoni pizza!

  51. shirley

    I like the Supreme.

  52. vickie

    Pepperoni is my favorite

  53. Christine

    Rising Crust Cheese Pizza

  54. Gianna

    I like their 4 cheese pizza.

  55. Debra Hall

    Classic Crust Hawaiian,

  56. Katherine Donovan

    I love the rising crust pizza! My favorite is the sausage & pepperoni 🙂

  57. Anna

    I like the supreme

  58. Mel

    Rising crust sausage and pepperoni

  59. Francine Anchondo

    I like pepperoni

  60. Misses G

    I like the three cheese

  61. Denise S

    Pepperoni is my favorite.

  62. Susan Christy

    I like the supreme

  63. amanda whitley

    im a cheese fan

  64. Jennifer R.

    My favorite Red Baron pizza is the RED BARON® Thin & Crispy 5 Cheese Pizza.

  65. Ann B.

    I’d like the Hawaiian!

  66. Amanda Kinder

    It’s always the pepperoni.

  67. wendy b

    My fave is the meat trio but I so want to try the new Hawaiian….yum.

  68. April Yedinak

    I like Rising Crust Pepperoni.

  69. kate

    Four cheese! YUM!

  70. al

    Singles Deep Dish Cheese

  71. Kristy Thiel

    I love the Red Baron pan pizza in pepperoni. YUM!

  72. Tanya White

    Supreme is my favorite.

  73. ky2here

    My favorite is their sausage and pepperoni rising crust pizza.

  74. debbie

    I like their pepperoni pizza.

  75. Daniel M

    probably the pepperoni!

  76. Lin Gorenkoff

    Supreme pizza with mozzarella sticks. Yum!
    Lin Gorenkoff recently posted..The Sky Is Not The LimitMy Profile

  77. Deb S

    Our favorite is the Single Dish Supreme.

  78. darlene carbajal

    Regular Pepperoni 🙂

  79. Kim H

    I like the pepperoni the best

  80. Mya Murphy

    Yummy Supreme!!

  81. Rebecca Peters

    I liek the rising crust cheese pizza

  82. Lisa P.

    Baron’s Best Pan Meat-Trio® Pizza

  83. Eileen Burke

    REgular cheese is our fave

  84. David

    My favorite is the Mexican Style Taco Pizza.

  85. harolde

    French Bread Pizza is my favorite.

  86. Diana Stanhope

    I love the three cheese flavor.

  87. Anthony

    the Classic Supreme

  88. Joy Q

    Regular pepperoni

  89. Samantha

    I’m big on the Classic Crust cheese pizza!

  90. Mary Cloud

    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  91. Brittney House

    I like pepperoni!

  92. Deb K

    We love the three meat

  93. Becca

    I normally buy the cheese singles for myself but of the ones above I would prefer pepperoni.
    Becca recently posted..1 Dozen Bart’s CookiesMy Profile

  94. Karrie Millheim

    the pepperoni pizza

  95. Roxann

    I like the Supreme.

  96. Jaclyn Reynolds

    We love the four cheese!

  97. Kathleen S.

    I love their french bread style pepperoni pizza, yumm!

  98. Mihaela D.

    I love the Classic Crust pepperoni

  99. Miranda Ward

    Rising Crust Cheese Pizza

    Miranda Ward recently posted..Deviled Egg for a SnackMy Profile

  100. Breanne


  101. Sheree

    I like the Hawaiin

  102. Nicole C.

    My favorite is the Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza.

  103. Erica C.

    Rising Crust cheese sounds good.

  104. susan smoaks

    the red baron supreme pizza is my favorite, they are so good!

  105. BILL HOFF

    Thin crust with pepperoni is my favorite

  106. Amy Woods-Smith

    Pepperoni is my favorite.

  107. William Morin

    Baron pizza is the best !

  108. K. Cleaver

    My favorite is their pepperoni. I’ve never tried the fire baked. I’m sure it’s good too.

  109. Teresa Thompson

    Pepperoni is my favorite.

  110. Patrice

    My favorite is their plain cheese pizza.

  111. Nicole Millheim

    I love the pepperoni

  112. Ruby Daniels

    I love just the plain cheese Red Barron Pizza

  113. Charlene Kuser

    I love the he Hawaiian deep dish pizza

  114. Vikki Billings

    I really like the sausage and pepperoni!

  115. laurie

    SUPREME deep dish

  116. Sand

    My favorite is RED BARON’s Classic Crust Supreme Pizza.

  117. liz l

    pepperoni is my fav

  118. Kathryn Mcneal

    Me and my husband always get the baron’s best pepperoni pizza, it’s our favorite.

  119. Heather Manu

    My favorite is their pepperoni.

  120. Bryan E.

    Thanks for the giveaway…our kids like the Hand Tossed 4-Cheese !

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