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A New Flavor For Pizza Night With Red Baron Pizza


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Every Friday is pizza night at my house, it is a day that we all look forward to all week. Some Friday’s we go all traditional and order a pizza and some weeks we get frozen pizzas (my favorite), but some weeks we need something different and make things like pizzadillas (pizza toppings stuffed inside of a quesadilla) or pizza casserole, but these are rare because I really enjoy the ease of pizza night. I enjoy serving a meal that my family loves and yet requires very little from me in terms of preparing and clean up.

While my kids and husband can eat pizza every single night and be totally happy I tend to get bored easily. Basically meaning I am forever trying to find ways to get new pizzas on my dinner table every pizza night. You can imagine how thrilled I was to hear about Red Barons three new pizzas.


 The new pizzas from Red Baron are: Classic Crust Hawaiian, Fire Baked Spicy Pepperoni and Deep Dish Singles Hawaiian. Me and John tried out the Deep Dish Singles Hawaiian pizza and loved it. I loved the single size because it forced me to eat no more than a serving size, though I think if no one was looking I would have been happy to eat two or three. I also think that these are PERFECT for my kids (who were unfortunately not with us the evening that we tried these), they are small enough that one child could eat one and have their “own” pizza but big enough to be enough for a whole meal.


As far as flavor goes they are exactly what you would expect from Red Baron, deliciousness. I love the tangy mix of ham and pineapple, it adds a new mix to our pizza night. I have always been a huge fan of Red Barons pizzas because whenever it comes to frozen pizzas they are the only ones that I have found that truly taste better than delivery.

The Deep Dish Singles Hawaiian get two thumbs up from me. In the mean time Im going on a hunt for the Fire Baked Spicy Pepperoni because I love a little (or lot of) spice to my pepperoni pizza! Be sure to check out their site to find out where you can get your hands on some of these new delicious flavors of pizza.

While you are here enter to win two coupons to get your own Red Baron pizza for your next family pizza night!

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123 thoughts on “A New Flavor For Pizza Night With Red Baron Pizza

  1. I think we’d like the spicy pepperoni best. Although I do have to say that ham and pineapple is also one of my personal favorites!

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  4. i have never tried red baron pizza before, but i think i would love to try the thin & crispy 5 cheese variety. sounds great! thanks for such a nice and yummy giveaway-i have 2 kids in college and they would love to fight over these coupons!

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