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So Starts A Month Of Quiet

The kids left early yesterday with my aunt and cousin for a month long trip to visit family.

As soon as they left John and I spent all of yesterday marathon watching reality shows on Netflix.  Since we do not have many friends up here we very (VERY) rarely get a quiet moment alone without kids, so we cherish any moment alone.

At one point we were being super silly and sent the kids a text with this picture attached:
silly parents The kids responded with this:
sillier kids

I guess there is no denying that they are our kids.

We owe our family big time for taking these three crazy tweens for an entire month. We are lucky to have family that loves us enough to drive all the way to Kentucky to pick up the kids and then keep them for an entire month.

In related, I hope that my family still wants to talk to us after spending a month with my three!

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