Places To Find Quality Blogger Opportunities

If you are looking for ways to get more opportunities for your blog, I have compiled a list of everything from sponsored tweets to review opportunities. This is one post that you do NOT want to miss.

Places to find quality blogger opportunitiesMomDot Community
This is a free community but does have a monthly subscription VIP area (which is totally worth every penny) that you are able to join after being an active member for a few months. This community has a ton of great blogging information, as well as a great bunch of bloggers as members.

Purex Insiders
This is a site that helps promote products within the brand (and some of its partners). This site always provides enough product for you to have a giveaway option too. United States only on this site.

Henkel Insiders
This is the sister program to Purex Insiders that is brand new just for Canadians. This program works just like the Purex Insiders program.

This site has all kinds of opportunities that you can sign up for, most are pretty reasonable. However some require that you have a crazy amount of views for a $2 item. Still worth the look over every so often.

Mom Spark Media
This site offers a bunch of campaigns. Whenever I was a member they even had courses every so often that had a lot of great information.

This site is kind of like classifieds for bloggers. Basically companies looking to get their products seen post here and then you pitch them. It is fairly hit or miss, but occasionally you will find a really good opportunity.

Double Duty Divas
This site is another good one, lots of quality opportunities.

Social Spark
This site is really easy to use and sends offer pretty often. Though most of these are more of writing prompts than actual product reviews.

Carmex Blogger Outreach
I actually just found this one, so Im still waiting to hear back. I will update once I know something.

Harlequin Teen Panel
This looks like a pretty good one for teen girls between the age of 13-17. I will have to check this out whenever my daughter is older.

Moms Meet
This site offers review/giveaway opportunities for organic items.

This site has some pretty good opportunities that pay out nicely. I honestly forgot about this program until I was just now going through my reader, Im glad I rediscovered it because it has some pretty good active campaigns.

This site pays for you to write and place a link in the article, fairly often too. Typically they pay out about $10-$15 for each one.

Clever Girls Collective
I LOVE this program. They always have good quality campaigns. Personally I have gotten quite a few campaigns and they were very pleasant to work with and paid in a timely manner.

This site is still fairly new, but looks to have a good bit of potential because it is very organized and the opportunities that have been posted have been pretty decent.

This site sends out newsletters with opportunities.

Mom Central
This is another one of my favorites because I have gotten some pretty good campaigns through this site.

She Speaks
This one has some okay opportunities. A lot of twitter parties and such.

This site is a great way to get to review books.

This is another pretty new site. It actually reminds me of Klout, but with better opportunities. Serious potential with this one.

Wolf Blogging Network
This site is actually a part of Best Buy and has some pretty good opportunities. Sometimes you are paid in product and other time you are paid in gift cards.

Sponsored Tweets
This site pays you to tweet, cool right?

Warner Bros Word
This site has not updated in a little while, but it still looks to be open. This site you are normally paid out in checks for reviewing or promoting TV shows or movies.

Simply Sassy Media
This site sends out pretty good blogger outreach letters.

Bethany House Blogger
This site offers book for bloggers to review.

This one only sends out small products (from what I have seen), but its still worth sharing with you guys.

This site offers some good review opportunities.

Mom It Forward
This site has review opportunities and more.

This site offers a bunch of books for review to bloggers.

This site used to be pretty awesome, and some people still have some decent success with this one, but I feel like it was a little too much work for me to catch a campaign.

This site looks to have quite a few opportunities, but I have no personally participated because they do not seem to pay out very much. The program is still kind of new so this might change.

Massive Sway
This one is a joint venture and The SITS Girls are a part of this one, this is certainly a good one. Be sure to sign up.

Bloggy Moms
I actually just signed up for this one though I have heard the name many many times in the blogging community. The site has a ton of useful info so far, just waiting to receive my first opportunities.

I will be adding to this list as I find more so be sure to bookmark this post!

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  1. What a great list! I’m just starting to work with some of these! I just started following you on Bloglovin’, too!

    Visiting from the Saturday Sharefest!

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