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design by m -AL13 (( Review ))

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It seems that John and I are forever having the case or no case conversation. We take our phones everywhere, and that means there is a high probably of us dropping it. I can accept that I am incredibly accident prone, and even though I have Apple Care Plus I still do not want to risk it so I keep a case on my phone at all times. John on the other hand is all about being able to see the phone in all of its naturally beauty, so he refuses to use a case of any kin

design by m So whenever I saw the AL13 by design by m, I knew that it just might be the thing that I need to get John to finally use a case protect his phone. The AL13 from design by m is the perfect solution for the iPhone user who enjoys the natural look of the phone itself, but does not want to risk their phone getting damaged. You seriously can hardly tell that there is even a case on the phone!

I have to admit that whenever I saw its price tag of $79.99 I was slightly shocked. However after receiving the unit for us to try, I could not get over all the little details. The guys at design by m really did not miss a thing. From the packaging that was sleekly designed, to the screen protector that matched the rest of the packaging to a tee, to the the box itself that had ‘Thank You’ written in different languages, it was beautiful.

Now attention to detail aside, how was the AL13. Did it hold up to that price tag?

I am pleased to say that I think that it is worth every penny. Just getting the case that I was using off my phone to try out the AL13 quickly made me realize how amazing the AL13 is. My old case (from a VERY large brand) left permanent lines on my phone and once I removed the case and put it back on it never fit right again. That is NOT the case with the AL13, with the ability to slide the back of the case on you do not need to worry about breaking your phone or case removing it. No scary situations. Oh, and none of  those permanent lines that my other case (and most of the other cases) left on my phone with the AL13. When you took off this case, you did just that. No last proof that you used the case, because the guys over at design by m put a anti-scratch rubber lining inside.

Unfortunately John decided not to use this case, because he is still anti-case. However, he did say quite a few things about this case. The first thing he said is that these should be sold in apple stores because of the attention to detail. He also said if he were to use a case that this one would be it, hands down. Secretly I am happy that he won’t use it, because that means that I can use the case. Which is ultimately what I wanted! If you are looking for a case I recommend this case, you get everything that you want and more with the AL13. Remember Father’s Day is coming up very soon, and this would make an incredible gift!

design by m provided me with the product mentioned above in exchange for a product review. However, as always all opinions expressed are my own. Pinky Promise.

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