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Menu Plan Monday 4/15

mpm-1Monday: Beanie Weenies, green beans and bread

Tuesday: Split pea soup and corn bread

Wednesday: Cheeseburger casserole, creamed corn and leftover split pea soup

Thursday: Honey BBQ chicken tenders, mac n cheese, and creamed peas

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: BLT’s

Sunday: Stuffed Peppers, brussel sprouts and corn

I totally feel like I really should never ever admit to feeding my family Beanie Weenies, but if it makes it any better they will be homemade. Its something that my bunch REALLY enjoys, and while it is terribly unhealthy sometimes I cave and let them have it. Mostly because its easy for me.

In related, I start the new job on Monday and while its just a few hours a week I need to get used to doing it in addition to maintaining this site as well as my NEW SITE!


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