Obligatory Thanksgiving = Thankful Post

With my husband gone for the past 10 days I have had a ton of time to write and get things done. Except, not exactly. I have sat down at least a handful of times over the past three days to write my obligatory Thanksgiving post about all the things I am thankful for. Yet every single time, at least one of my three has melted down into a full on tantrum. Thus killing my mood completely.  This time was absolutely no exception.  Apparently Jayde promised Ethan something and didnt follow through. Typical. So at 7:00 pm , I sent both of them to bed.

.Here I sit. Quiet finally. I can write.

I just keep thinking about how thankful I am to have John (my husband) because I wouldnt last a month being a single mom. No freaking way. 10 days into this business trip and I already feel like I am drowning. I have no clue how my mom raised me all on her own. I was super duper sassy, and Jayde is exactly the same way (and we havent even hit the teenage years), I dont know how she didnt just lose it totally.

I will spare all my mushiness, and this year keep my “Im thankful for” post super short. No long list from me.

I am thankful for my amazing husband, without him, I would probably be insane, lonely, and my life would be lacking a lot of awesome kazoo playing.

Okay. I lied, I did not keep this post super short, it is now 250+ words long. But I edited out a lot of really good reasons as to why I am thankful for John for the sake of keeping this short…ish.

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