Our Princess

Meet Jayde, my princess, my youngest child. And the sole reason that we chose to have three children. After having a severe case of “girl baby fever” and saying “I want a girl” every single time I saw a girl baby in public. We decided (John agreed lol) to give having a girl one more try. Yep, you read that right, she is also the only one of our three that was a planned pregnancy.

I remember when I was at my sonogram appointment, (you know the big one where they tell you the sex of the baby), when the doctor told us we were having a girl and my response was “oh god yes!”.  We finally had our girl!

I would say from the very second that she was born she had us wrapped around her little finger. Now I understand what “Daddy’s girl” is all about.

Jayde is incredibly smart. She will sit for hours (if I let her and just read, and read and read. And not just any books either, educational books like National Geographic. My favorite thing is that we will be talking and she will just be spitting out facts. She reminds me a lot of her dad because she is very analytical. Shes also very artistic and loves to color and draw (and sometimes even write).

A few random facts about Jayde: She got her glasses when she was four. She’s the only lefty in the family, even though she can write well with both hands. Jayde is normally very quiet around people at first, but watch out she warms up fast and can be super sassy.

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