Haverty’s are you up to this challenge??

Im sure you guys remember about my Haverty’s saga, I wrote about it a few years ago whenever it was just first starting. Basically, we bought our first set of furniture in 2010, and we have had four sets that have been messed up. By messed up, I mean ripped up upon receiving them, wearing almost instantly, delivery people slicing it with a box cutter, seams literally bursting apart, discolored, and much more. So finally after dealing with so many replacements we determined that it was time to try a different set since that set just wasn’t up to par. Thats when we reached out for help from the Vice President, who then sent us to branch manager, who then sent us to the general manager who was nice enough to replace the set with a comparable set of our choice. We chose a orange leather couch and two grayish chairs. They were great. This is  the couch that we chose, which beside the chunk out of the left leg {which I ignored because I was just tired of dealing with it all} arrived in good condition, and looked nice in my living room.And these are the chairs. Which again arrived in okay shape.Unfortunantly though, in  just under 5 months of owning them, the cushions are flat, the arms are deformed, and they look like they are many years old. Thats upsetting, but not nearly as upsetting as to sit in them only to hear… CRACK. The seat broke.So now were stuck with one completely broken chair, and one that looks like garbage. Here is where Im reaching out to Haverty’s in a much more public way to see what they can do to help us. After paying way so much for furniture, I really feel that we should have something that looks nice {or decent at the very least} after a mere 5 months. So lets see, do you guys think Haverty’s is up to the challenge?

** Disclaimer: Yes, I do have three loud kids, but no, I do not let those three act wild on my furniture {or anything else in my house for that matter}. Also, I did also grow up in a family owned upholstery shop, so I do know what to expect from good furniture, so I know what Im talking about.**

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  1. You are NOT ALONE! We bought the a 2-piece sectional from Haverty’s last yr. It was delivered on 2 different days, because the warehouse was out of one of the pieces, so right there, I had to wasted 2 days on delivery. Guess what, the legs on the 2nd piece were a totally different height and color from the first piece, so when the delivery people forcefully joined the 2 pieces together, the second piece was not even touching the floor – the legs were hovering 1+ inch from the floor. Delivery folks tried to blame my ceramic tile floor for being uneven. By 1+ inch, from one tile to the next, were they kidding, were they blind or something? They then sent a ‘repairman’ out who determined the two pieces were really not the same height – 3rd day wasted. He unscrewed and screwed the bad legs back on until the replacement arrived a week later -and said we should not use the couch. When he screwed the old legs back on, he ripped the fabric and busted whole new holes in the bottom of couch. So my hubby said @$## it – he would do it himself. He told Haverty’s to just send the legs, but no, Haverty would not ship to our home. We had to go get the legs at the store a week later – day 4 wasted. Then we realized the metal piece that held the 2 pieces together was so bent by delivery people that we could not join the two pieces once the good legs went on. 1 more week waiting for them to send the metal piece replacement. We were 4 weeks after buying the thing and we still could not use it! My hubby had to fix it twice- the brand new $2000+ sectional. Now the cushions are sagging, even though the thing is not 1 year old yet and we each weigh <150lbs, not fat@$$es. And this is just the ordeal we had with the sectional. The bedroom suite was a whole other nightmare: 1 month wait for delivery, pieces scrached up right out of box, slashes caused by the boxcutter, $800 dresser door not wanting to stay closed, 1 replacement sent out looked even worse than the first, etc, etc, etc. On top of it all, aweful customer service.

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