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The Wild Child

Ethan is 10, just a year and 26 days younger than Chandler. My surprise baby.

Ethan is my wild child. He’s the kid with the most scars. The kid who ran into a table, gashing his head wide open requiring stitches, and kept running. He’s also the very same kid who did the exact same thing a mere two days later. Ethan’s that kid who jumped off the top of the play area at the mall puncturing his tooth straight through his tongue like a piercing. Now the doctors always ask me about that weird scar on his tongue.

Ethan’s always been the first in time out. Mostly because he is incredibly head strong. He’s also the most out going out of my three. He will be friend new people in a heart beat. And he’s never afraid to try anything. He also happens to be my most competitive child. That can be both a good and a bad thing. While he might be my most challenging child, he also is the child who has me most wound around his finger, between his baby blue eyes and his small size. He nothing like me, in that he is incredibly good in math. He seems to be able to just pick it up. Also in the sense that he’s a great entrepreneur. In second grade he was selling Pokemon cards on the bus to school {I of course stopped him once I knew he was doing it}. Ethan can talk you in, or out of just about anything, just like his Dad.

Couple of random facts about Ethan. He love collecting things {money, pokemon etc}. He wants to be an engineer or football player when he grows up. He has a soft heart for animals. And he was a vegetarian for a while.

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