Day 6: Your 5 Senses Right Now

See: Im sitting in my living room. In my favorite chair facing my orange couch {yes, orange}. Watching Jayde color in her Tangled coloring book.

Taste: Coffee. I am trying some new coffee creamer and its amazing. Cinnabon flavored creamer. Its by far my new favorite.

Smell: Again, coffee. And cleaners. I just finished washing dishes and wiping the kitchen counters.

Feel: Jaydes Hello Kitty blanket. Im snuggled up with it because it is COLD in here. {Yes John I admitted that its cold in this house}.

Hear: The TV and the kids in the distance. Im watching some netflix before I hop in the shower for the day. I can also hear the kids in their room planning what they are going to play in the yard.  {We are going to be having some water fun}

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