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Loud Kid #1

I was thinking today that Ive never introduced the kids behind the “loud” in my blogs name. Since each child is special in his/ her own way I will take three posts to tell you about my three loud kids. Without further ado….the original loud kid. Loud kid number one. Chandler.

Chandler is my 11 year old. Before I go any further I would like to say yes, he was born during the Friends era, and no he was not named after Chandler Bing, it was just a name I liked. Promise.                            I had Chandler whenever I was 17, he helped me grow very quickly. I remember the moment I brought him home from the hospital and I was holding all 8 pounds 13 ounces of him wondering what on earth I was supposed to do to make him stop crying.  Needless to say, I figured out quickly that he enjoyed music, even if it just was me singing to him {sorry for my lack of singing skills Chandler}.

I also noticed that from day one, Chandler likes to help. A lot. He loved to vacuum from the moment he could walk. Luckily for me for the most part even eleven years later he still enjoys cleaning! He also enjoys reading. Often times he choses reading over playing out side. Im not even going to lie, Im so incredibly proud that he enjoys reading so much. He’s actually much like how I was whenever I was his age. Quiet and shy around people that he doesn’t know, but if someone provokes him, he can be quite sassy. He also is one of the most patient people that I have ever met, he will take so much from his brother and sister and deal with it nicely {which is saying a lot whenever I tell you about the other two}.
My very favorite thing about Chandler though? His heart of gold. I don’t know if its because he’s the oldest and he feels like he needs to but he seriously would give you the shirt off his back. I cannot name how many times he’s given up that last piece of candy to one of his siblings. He genuinely cares about others. I hope he never ever loses that.

Couple of random facts about Chandler. He loves to cook. He had two pieces of his art hung in the public library art show. He likes to rearrange his room at least once a week. He wants to be a chef on a cruise ship when he grows up. He wears a bigger shoe than me!

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