May 04

4: What are you afraid of

A lot of things actually. Though most of them are big things like death, heights, and the boogie monster. So I thought I would tell you about something “silly” that Im scared of.
Butterflies. They seriously give me chills. I think it goes back to the time when I was probably 9-10 when I got one “stuck” in my hair. Now keep in mind I had long curly hair. Not the kind that you just run your fingers through to release whatever might be caught in your hair. Terrifying. Seriously. Now any time a butterfly comes near me I freak.

If you’re wondering I did take the photo above…. even though it took every little bit of me not to freak out while taking it.


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  1. Marie

    My DH is afraid of butterflies also — he says he isn’t but it really freaks him out when a butterfly is flying around his head and he utterly refuses to go in the Butterfly House. I don’t like other flying bugs but I’m ok with butterflies 🙂

  2. www.gracelovesiggy.com

    lol I’m sorry but that’s a cute one, I can see how your life experience did that. I get kind of squiemish around chickens because I was attacked by one when I was younger but I feel like I can take one out now haha

  3. Susan Cooper

    Ah! You did well for not feeling comfortable around butterflies. The picture is really good. :)))

    1. Stephanie R.

      Thank you. I guess the want to take the picture over took the fear of the butterfly.

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