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It WILL Blend

I finally broke down and bought a blender. Ive wanted one for a while but after I bought that $100+ juicer that I bought on a whim and only used a handful of times, and then it sat in my cabinets for years never to be thought of again, I was slightly hesitant to “waste the money” on something I might not use.  After much googling, Ive decided its time to stop living under a rock and buy one. Because apparently you can do all kinds of awesome things with a blender. Already Ive made a ton of milk shakes and smoothies. I think I might  even be becoming addicted to making them!

One of my favorites was the Strawberry milkshake. I used this recipe and switched it up. I added strawberry milk instead of regular milk and I threw in whole strawberries. Talk about good!

I also bought these Yoplait Smoothie mixes to try, because I was slightly intimidated about making my own. Honestly I thought I was going to sacrifice the fresh taste because I was buying a frozen mix, but they were very good. Tasted like I made the mix myself. We tried Strawberry and Banana and Triple berry. I liked the strawberry and banana best.

 To save some money {and time} though Im going to give these make your own frozen smoothie mix.  The kids are actually slightly excited about getting to their own mixes. Hopefully they work out.

Also, if you follow me on Pinterest, I want to apologize for the all the smoothie/ blender related pins. I will stop soon. Promise.

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