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Homemade Kool-aid Slushies

My kids have always loved Icees, except for the last handful of times we have bought them they have tasted terrible. To the point where last time we got them the kids barely drank any of them. As you guys know I recently bought a blender and I am hooked on making drinks. So I accepted the challenge and made some really good handmade slushies for the kids, and Im passing my recipe along to you guys.
 1 cup sugar
1 packet kool-aid
2 cups cold water
5 cups ice

Pop all of this in the blender {Don’t mix the kool-aid first} and blend. I set mine on “Ice Crush” and within a few moments I had some really delicious slushies. This recipe made 3 16 ounce cups.

We made “tropical” flavored Kool-aid, and added a cup of  frozen strawberries. It tasted really good. Im guessing that different kinds of fruits would work well in this recipe.

**Remember though that Kool-aid stains {especially the red and purple ones} so remember to have a paper towel ready to wipe up any mess as it happens**



9 thoughts on “Homemade Kool-aid Slushies

  1. You cannot go wrong with Kool-Aid !!!! Anything & everything is tasty & “hit’s the spot”!!! I love it when you can already know that EVERY child loves Kool_Aid & that anything you make with it, they just love it & EVERYONE loves slushies…including me ;))

  2. Perfect! Just what I was looking for. I’m sure I could have fumbled around and figured it out, but I’m glad I didn’t have to and, in no time, I had some tall cool glasses of Strawberry slushies to hand out to the yard working adults and bike riding kiddos. Pretty yummy! Thanks for posting.

  3. I am making these with my mom right now! I tried a slushie with a different recipe and it was really good so we’re trying a different recipe this time. Can’t wait to try it!

  4. Perfect! We drove past 7-11 yesterday, and my kids said they wished we could stop for Slurpees. I decided that I would find a better way. After a small search, I found your recipe, and it was a great hit! We used Blue Raspberry Lemonade. We will be making our own slushies about once a week! Thank you for this!!
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