100 Facts about me

Ok. So it seems that everyone else has a 100 facts/things about me page its about time I get a complete one. Since I previously had one with 40 random facts on it on my “About” page, but Im going to completely update it and make it current.

1. While my kids don’t look loud, they are. Trust me. and my neighbors.
2. I adore junk food. Oreos, jelly beans, cupcakes, pizza, you name it, I love it.
3. Horses and butterflies freak me out.
4. My hair has been pretty much every color imaginable, even grey {thanks kids}. But currently its dark brown with orangish underneath.
5. I drive a light blue minivan. Im such a bad ass.
6. I moved from Florida to Kentucky back in 2009. Finally getting to enjoy snow and full seasons.
7. I have weenie dog named December (named after the month me and John started dating).
8. I’m addicted to twitter. @ThreeLoudKids
9. I have a weakness for coffee.
10. Im a sucker for a good sale. From the clearance rack to Goodwill, I love it all.
11. Any quiet moment alone I get I use listening to music.
12. I am an only child. Even though I had a cousin who’s like a sister to me.
13. I bite my nails when Im nervous, stressed or bored.
14. I have naturally curly hair that I spend almost an hour every day straightening, because other wise Ill walk around with an afro.
15. I got pregnant with my oldest son when I was 16 and had him at 17. Abortion was never an option for us.
16. I met my husband in 8th grade. He was best friends with my best friends boyfriend {whew thats a mouthful}.
17. I randomly break out in rap songs.
18. I don’t like beer- but I really love rum and coke.
19. Growing up I wanted to be an artist.
20. My favorite movie is The nightmare before christmas.
21. In middle/highschool I went through a goth phase- all black clothes, super dark eye liner and all.
22. I can eat an entire pack of oreos in one sitting. (wanna see?)
23. I didn’t get my drivers license until I was 21.
24. Though I might talk a lot on line- Im actually super shy in person.
25. I love all things that are crafty.
26. I can’t stand when people don’t use their turn signals.
27. All of my kids are almost exactly one year apart in age.
28. I love thrift shopping!
29. I really dislike talking on the phone- even though I will text up a storm. So if you call me, expect me not to answer. I really only have a phone so I can text with people that don’t have iMessage.
30. I don’t care for narrow minded people.
31. We eat dinner at the table every single night.
32. I have a serious weakness for stationary products. Pens, pencils, paper, post- it notes you name it.
33. I have one tattoo- even though it has an amazing meaning behind it I hate it.
34. I used to own a 1973 Volkswagen Type III square back, that I loved.
35. It makes me gag when people sneeze.
36. Ive had my tongue pierced two times, that resulted in a decent sized scar on my tongue.
37. My husband is a Apple hoarder…Er collector {Sorry John haha}
38. I spend far too much time on Pinterest.
39. Im currently a stay at home mom. Mostly because Im having a health issue that prevents me from doing much, but Id give anything to work outside of the home.
40. I’ve never flown on a plane.
41. I have two rings I wear everyday, my wedding ring and a ring that says “forever” on it, my mom had the other half that says “always” on it.
42. Ive never broken a bone. {I hope this doesn’t jinx me}
43. I bake whenever Im stressed. The month after mom died I baked at least once every single day.
44. I was bit in the face by a dachshund  when I was little resulting in a small dimple on my right cheek.
45. I didn’t know who my “real” dad was until I was 13. I could have done without knowing him because he was a douche. However I was incredibly close with my Grandmother on his side.
46. Ive never been good at sports, I just don’t have the coordination.
47. I took art classes when I was younger at a local college. I loved it. I was also in their promotional flyers for years and years later. Im assuming it was because Im so cute. {ha!}
48. When I was 8 or 9 I was throwing records {like a frisbee} with a friend and got hit directly in the mouth resulting in a half an inch long scar right under my lip. Who knew you shouldn’t throw records.
49. Im a chronic procrastinator.
50. I love that my oldest son is old enough to watch decent movies with my now. AND he shares my love of cheesy end of the world movies- think Independence Day!
51. I cannot stomach cooking food with bones in it. When I cook chicken it has to be boneless.
52. I sound like a “valley girl” when I talk {think Cher from Clueless}.
53. I love gnomes.
54. Jaydes middle name is Camrie. Yes. I named my daughter after a freaking car!
55. Me and John never had a real wedding, we just had our marriage certificate notarized at a Fedex.
56. I used to smoke. I quit. Twice.
57. I rarely carry a purse, I prefer just to stick stuff in my pockets.
58. I lie when I say I don’t like gifts. I love them. I hate the attention it draws to me when I open them.
59. I recently discovered that I really like hot sauce.
60. I had to drop out of high school in 12th grade because I was too pregnant to carry my books up and down all of the stairs at school.
61. My first concert was Boyz II Men.
62. Im agnostic. Raising my children this way until they are old enough to decide for themselves.
63. My favorite season is fall. I adore looking at all of the trees change color.
64. I love the Spice Girls. Still.
65. I wear glasses, but only actually wear glasses right before bed. I wear contact during the day. Im almost legally blind.
66. I would love having another baby. If I had the patience and didn’t enjoy sleep so much.
67. I love shoes.
68. It drives me nuts that my husband doesn’t enjoy reading. I just cannot understand how one cannot simply love to read.
69. I have no butt. No seriously. In fact I have to wear a belt to keep my jeans up.
70. I type LOL way too much.
71. Ive had my ears pierced three times, but two of the holes are closed up.
72. I love reality TV.
73. Pickle flavored potato chips are my favorite.
74. I get sick of people telling me my eyes are pretty. I get it people, say something else nice.
75. I don’t know any other languages. I did however take both French and Spanish in school and failed them both.
76. I prefer hurricanes over tornados.
77. Im horrible at math.
78. When I order meat, I order it well done and like it black.
79. My first job was being a gift wrapper.
80. My mom has always been my best friend, and I miss her like crazy.
81. I want to like sushi because its so pretty. I just can’t get over what it is.
82. I never remember trash day.
83. Im a sucker for a good love story.
84. I enjoy painting. So much I volunteered to paint the kitchen at our rental house.
85. Im always hot. Always.
86. Im a virgo.
87. I never separate the clothes whenever I do the laundry. Ever.
88. I don’t like wine. At least none that Ive ever tried. I want to though.
89. Ive only had one surgery in my life. I had a cyst on my ovary when I was 13.
90. We’ve had a fireplace in our last 3 houses, but never lit any of them. Mostly because Im scared to.
91. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
92. I think I may have a curse. I break anything electronic. Ive broken every single computer Ive ever owned. Including this one I had 2 months and the logic board went bad.
93. We don’t keep soda in the house. We get it once a week on Friday Pizza Night.
94. My middle name is Lynne.
95. Ive been in one car accident, when I was pregnant with Ethan.
96. I don’t like almond flavoring.
97. I am not a morning person. Quite the opposite actually.
98. I miss the beach.
99. I love plants, but I seem to have a way of killing them.
100. WHEW! I didn’t think I had it in me to do 100.

3 thoughts on “100 Facts about me

  1. Great list! Gotta comment on some:
    #14 I always loved your curly hair
    #19 You are one!!
    #28 Me too!
    #47 I must find this…
    #49 OMG Me too!
    #61 I was there! lol
    #67 Me too!
    #70 LOL
    #74 But they really are, Stephanie Rutledge!
    #76 Then come back to FL August – October
    #80 Me too

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