Apr 05

Peep Peep

I love peeps. Not eating them, but how awesomely adorable they are! Unfortunately the kids don’t like eating them either. Each year I find myself trying to talk the kids into eating the peeps just so I can buy them. So far, after 10 years it still hasn’t worked. So this year I will just compile a few peep related foods that I like and maybe someone that actually DOES like eating peeps will enjoy this.

I think these peep cupcakes are the cutest, and I know the kids would adore them!
 Of course theres nothing cuter than a peeps bunny, except of course a peeps bunny in a tuxedo. These are just too adorable, however I don’t think my kids would eat any of the components. However we ARE big fans of rice crispy treats and these look super cute!


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  1. Shut Up Cole

    I love peeps & look forward to Easter just to indulge! Thanks for sharing- think I’m going make the cupcakes, they are super cute!!

  2. Hchybinski

    here too – no one eats peeps. . .yet I also find them adorable and always want to buy them!! LOL


    1. Stephanie R.

      Have you seen that Peeps make gourmet like chocolate now? I saw it in the Easter isle at Walgreens. Looks edible too!

  3. Kaym420

    Try making smores with peeps. Very good eating.

    1. Stephanie R.

      Mmm that sounds good! I need to get some chocolate, may Easter desert.

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